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ERIBA Touring Towing Cover

Pro-Tec Covers takes pride in crafting a selection of towing covers that offer exceptional defense against exhaust fumes, dirt, grime, and stone chippings. These covers are specially designed to safeguard your caravan during your travels.

Their towing jacket boasts a distinctive 2-piece construction, with each part easily sliding into the awning channels and zipping up in the middle. Installing the jacket is a breeze and can be accomplished by a single person in less than a minute. Thanks to the Protec Towing Jacket, you’ll be on the road faster than with any other product.

  • Protects against stone chips, window cracks & scratches
  • Exclusive jacket design that can be fit by one person
  • Keeps your caravan free from dirt, oil, exhaust fumes & bugs
  • Installs in under a minute getting you on the road quickly
  • Gas & locker box access
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • Lightweight cover that’s easy to fit
  • Grab handle access


Pro-Tec’s exclusive PROTEX003 fabric, resistant to water, is meticulously crafted in the UK using three layers of premium materials. The outer layer not only repels rainwater upon contact but also comes with UV protection, ensuring your cover maintains a fresh appearance for an extended period.

At the core of the fabric lies Pro-Tec’s patented breathable membrane, promoting adequate ventilation for your caravan and preventing any potential damage from condensation build-up. Meanwhile, the soft inner layer provides a gentle shield for your caravan’s paintwork.

These covers are available for the entire ERIBA Touring range. If the specific cover you need isn’t currently in stock, no worries! We can place an order, and it usually takes approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery to us. Alternatively, we can arrange direct shipping to your location for added convenience.


£310 (shipping costs not included), these covers are a valuable investment in protecting your cherished caravan during towing adventures.

In the rare event that the cover you desire is not currently in stock, worry not, as we offer a seamless ordering process. Upon placing your order, our efficient team ensures a swift delivery, with the cover typically arriving within 3-4 weeks. For added convenience, we also provide the option to have it shipped directly to your doorstep.

IMPORTANT: While these covers are highly effective and durable, it is crucial to note that they are specifically designed for towing purposes. For optimal performance and longevity, we do not recommend using them for prolonged periods while your caravan is in storage. Safeguard your investment with the best – choose Pro-Tec Covers!