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  Air X-tension

Expand Your Outdoor Experience with the Isabella Air X-Tension Awning

Expand your living space with a freestanding air awning. The ­Isabella Air X-Tension lets you expand your area by no less than 8.25 m2, giving you a spacious living area with plenty of headroom. A smart detail with X-Tension is that you can easily zip out two of the sides and transform it into a sun canopy with a fixed screen panel.

Isabella Air X-tension gives you the ultimate freedom on a camping holiday. Fast, easy set up using air tubes means you can quickly put your air awning up or take it down, letting you quickly move on to your next destination.
When you connect X-Tension to your van, specially-developed tunnels ensure that it fits perfectly. The air tubes in X-Tension are X-shaped and pumped up using the Isabella Air pump supplied. Only one valve is needed to pump up the air tent. Both can be opened when deflating to speed up the process.

The fixed side of the X-Tension has a net window, ensuring constant ventilation and therefore a pleasant indoor climate.

Please note, a special ERIBA tunnel conversion is required to fit Touring models. Please see pricing below.


  • Width: 330 cm
  • Depth: 250 cm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: 3 side panels.
  • Net window: fixed side for ventilation
  • Integrated blinds that can be rolled down


Isabella Air X-tension: £1,573
ERIBA Touring Tunnel: £126

Total: £1,699

UK Shipping: £25