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  ERIBA Touring Awning

Designed especially for ERIBA Touring caravans. Isabella ERIBA Touring’s retro design reflects the design of this iconic caravan and creates a unique overall look.

The ERIBA Touring awning gives you a spacious lounge for your caravan, developed with the emphasis on functionality and detail. It’s designed to allow the caravan door to be opened fully. You decide where to place the awning’s door and window panels (the panels can be crossed 2 and 2). Prefer large panoramic windows at the front and a door in the end? Or an entrance door in one end (end + front) with a spacious lounge area in the other? The choice is yours.

Check Compatibility with Your ERIBA Model

This awning fits the ERIBA Touring 2009 onward Troll (530/535/540/542/550). 

If you have a Triton (410/418/420/430) or Familia (310/320), you need to add an adapter panel. The integrated roof pad ensures the awning forms a seal with the caravan, draining water away.

  • Depth: 250 cm
  • Width: 500 cm
  • Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels.
  • 2 windows with net/ventilation 
  • Custom-made awnings for ERIBA Touring (Familia, Triton & Troll)
  • Curtain set
  • Draught skirt – specially designed for the ERIBA Touring 
  • Wheel arch cover
  • Brackets
  • Awning bag
  • Tent bag, pole and peg bag including peg remover
  • 2 windows with net/ventilation
  • Removable/foldable parts
  • Front and side panels
  • Cube Crème Curtains
  • Fits these models: Troll (530/535/540/542/550), Triton (410/418/420/430), Familia (310/320) – 2009 onwards
  • 2-pack foam pads for sealing along the caravan side
  • Veranda pole
  • Frame:  CarbonX fibreglass frame with IsaFix locking clamp
  • Roof fabric: Isaroof light 240 g/m2 – UV-resistant polyester textile, treated with two layers of breathable acrylic.
  • Base Material: PVC 350 g/m2
  • Side/Tent Material: Light Isacryl 260 g/m2
  • Vacuum or brush awning off when it is dry. Subsequently, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Windows can occasionally be sprayed with Aquatex reproofer, and then immediately wiped with a dry cloth (max. twice a year).
  • For larger cleaning, IsaClean can be used. Aquatex should be used afterwards for reproofing.

ERIBA Touring Familia

Awning & CarbonX Frame Set: £2,644
Familia Adaptor: £99
Foam Pad Set: £55 (Optional)

Total: £2798

ERIBA Touring Triton

Awning & CarbonX Frame Set: £2,644
Familia Adaptor: £85
Foam Pad Set: £55 (Optional)

Total: £2784

ERIBA Touring Troll

Awning & CarbonX Frame Set: £2,644
Foam Pad Set: £55 (Optional)

Total: £2699

UK Shipping: £25


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